The begining of DENIS CIMAF

DENIS CIMAF Inc. specializes in developing high-performance industrial brush-cutters. In applications such as land clearing, forest fire prevention, transmission lines, roadside maintenace, power, oil or gas line right-of-way preparation or maintenance, DENIS CIMAF brushcutters and brushcutter-mulchers are recognized for their productivity and effectiveness.

Founded in 1991 and to stay at the cutting edge of technology,  we as an organization have made ongoing investments over the past 20 years in the research and development of environmentally sound industrial brushcutting solutions, while staying clearly focused on customer needs and developing new ideas for environmental vegetation control solutions.

After Laurent Denis withdrew from Équipement Denis, the company he founded in 1976. In his departure, he retained the sylvicultural part of the business, which had been created two years before when the French company CIMAF was bought by Équipement Denis.

To improve upon the original French brushcutter design, the essentially inefficient deflector chute was eliminated, and the structure reinforced. The first version of the semi-mobile knife rotor was brought on line, followed by fixed-blade rotors and bolt-on blades a few months later. DENIS CIMAF’s leading edge bolt-on blade technology has been patented in the United States and Canada (and a patent is pending in Brazil).

Our attachments reduce undesirable vegetation into chips faster even with their lower power requirement. So efficient that no extra power pack is needed!

DENIS CIMAF is a family-run company that adheres to the core values of respect for the environment, innovation and customer service. Well established in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile and Japan as a leading manufacturer of vegetation control equipment.

Always at the technical edge of brushcutting.

Laurent Denis