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The DAF is an industrial high-power forestry mulching attachment system that can be installed on most compact loaders or other dedicated forestry carriers. DAF brushcutters and mulchers are designed for vegetation control work.


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DAF - An Overview of the System

Protective discs
Wear Liner
Replaceable Skid-plates
Hydraulic Push-bar
Quick Attach

Industrial Quality Rotor

The rotor is the most important part of the DAF Frontal Brushcutters. Its design makes it lighter than most other similar machines, and improves the speed of rotation of the rotor.

Easy to Replace Knives

The high-resistance steel knives are attached to the knife holder system by a single bolt and nut, thus making the replacement of a knife easy. The knife post allows for reducing the pressure added to the knife. The knives are supplied with several heat treatments. See the list of knives DENIS CIMAF.

Protective Discs

The protective discs serve two functions, they limit the amount of material mulched by a knife, producing a smaller and consistent residue, and they also reduce the impact force which protects the knife holders.

Hydraulic Motor

The DAF frontal- brushcutter contains a hydraulic axial piston and variable cylinder motor that prevents overheating problems and allows for rapid re-acceleration.

Robust Transmission Belt

The industrial notched transmission belt used in the DAF-frontal brushcutter transmits all the engine power to the rotor without the risk of skidding or slippage.

Replaceable Wear Liner

With the forces and speeds involved in industrial forestry brushcutting- mulching, it is natural that the machine casing wears, especially in the inner part that houses the rotor. The wear liner limits the wear of the casing, and it is also easily replaceable wit a set of bolts.

Replaceable Skid-plates

The replaceable skid-plates are often in contact with the ground while mulching. They help limit the damage done to the case of the machine by taking this damage themselves. With only three bolts, they are easy to remplace.

Hydraulic Push-bar

During clearing operations in more aged vegetation areas, the operator is often confronted with tearing down a tree. The classical technique consists of grinding half of the trunk and then pushing with the machine until the tree falls to the ground. The hydraulic pusher allows for applying force on the tree without impact to the ground.

Quick Attach

This fastener designed for compact loaders allows changing the front brushcutter for another tool and vice versa. This design adds versatility and speed of execution to the list of sales advantages.

DAF – After-sales service

The DAH brushcutter-mulcher is a sophisticated machine with many parts. Sometimes some of its parts will have to be replaced.

Fortunately, we carefully included some spare parts with the full purchase:

  • A set of spare blades;
  • A set of tools and items of maintenance accessories for the brushcutter;
  • Motorized blade sharpener, to sharpen the blades on the spot;

Additionally, as many factors must be considered during installation and configuration of the DAH brushcutter-mulcher, a specialized technician will take care of the tune-up (hydraulic adjustment to carrier). A day for technical adjustments and field training will be planned for each of the machines to be carried out by a DENIS CIMAF technician.

Industrial Land CLearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing for the construction or the development of property is one of the main activities carried out by the brushcutter-mulcher. The power of DAH systems will allow you to perform your work quickly by leaving only biodegradable mulch behind.

Forest Fire Prevention

Forest Fire Prevention

DENIS CIMAF Solutions can help prevent forest fires by creating firebreaks in the forests near cities. In addition, brushcutters and mulchers can be used to stabilize soils from erosion after a fire.

Road Development and Maintenance

Road Development and Maintenance

Whether it is for the construction of a new forest trail, or the construction of a highway, the DENIS CIMAF systems are the perfect solution when carrying out maintenance of the road border.

Development and Maintenance of Pipelines<

Pipeline Development and Maintenance

Maintenance of the lines of oil pipelines and gas pipelines is crucial. In the event of an accident, the technicians must have access to the site as quickly as possible. Our systems become the ideal tool for this operation due to the flexibility and mobility of the carriers of our machines and the effectiveness of the DAH.

Development and Maintenance of Transmission Lines

Electrical Line Development and Maintenance

The maintenance of the crossings of the electric lines allows easy access for the maintenance team. This process, for which the brushcutter-mulchers are the champions, greatly increases the efficiency of the teams from the energy companies.