Mulcher for excavators, DAH forestry mulcher brushcutter-mulcher

The Forestry Mulcher DAH brushcutter mulchers are land clearing and vegetation control tools mounted on excavators and backhoes, ideal for intensive brushcutting.

These industrial, hydraulic attachments on Excavator Mulchers are ideal for intensive brushcutting; on site development, transmission line and pipeline right-of-way development and maintenance, and roadside maintenance work. DAH Forestry Mulchers use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades, a design with numerous advantages.
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DAH Forestry Mulchers models offer variable displacement, axial-piston motors that minimize overheating problems and improve re-acceleration, and timing-belt drive to eliminate slippage.

In summary, a DAH Forestry Mulcher is more than just an attachment: it is an industrial solution, designed for intensive work, allowing for greater productivity and supported by unparalleled technical support. DENIS CIMAF currently offers DAH Forestry Mulchers models adaptable on excavators between 7 to 35 metric tonne.

Industrial Land Clearing

Industrial Land Clearing

Forest Fire Prevention

Forest Fire Prevention

Road Development and Maintenance

Road Development and Maintenance

Development and Maintenance of Transmission Lines

Development and Maintenance of Transmission Lines

Development and Maintenance of Pipelines

Development and Maintenance of Pipelines

Which DAH?

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Land clearing equipments for forestry mulchers excavators
Land clearing equipments heads for excavators.

DAH – Technical Advantages

  • 1 - Motor

    Rotor of land clearing equipment forestry mulcher for excavators Variable displacement, axial-piston motors that minimize overheating and improve re-acceleration.

  • 1 - Drive

    drive for land clearing forestry excavator mulcherIndustrial cogged belt drive system that prevents slippage and reduces effort applied to bearings compared with V-belts, for longer bearing life.

  • 2 - Knife holders

    Disc rotor of attachment for land clearing excavator forestry mulcherKnife holders that come with protective discs, thereby considerably reducing risk of breakage of welded parts on rotor tube.

Excavator Mulchers - DAH - DENIS CIMAF

  • 3 - Rotor

    rotor for land clearing attachment for excavator forestry mulcherTwo, chevron-like rows of knives that direct the brushes towards the center of the rotor rather than to one of its extremities.

  • 4 - Knives

    knife for land clearing brushcutter excavator forestry mulcher attachmentsHeat-treated, bolt-on forged knives that deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and that can be sharpened right on the unit.
    attachment for land clearing brushcutter excavator mulcherEasy-to-replace knives: A single nut and bolt holds the knife in place.  Replacing worn knives is a snap.

  • 5 - Hydraulic panel

    hydraulic panel of attachment land clearing equipment mulcherThe hydraulic panel closes the rear of the hydraulic brushcutter to limit
    projection chip. By positioning the funnel, it also helps to immobilize the trees standing for shredding. And in the closed position, at ground level, it allows thinly shredded wood chips.

With each DAH brushcutter-mulcher on excavator mulchers is included

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