Excavator mulcher CAT 324D with DAH-150Er and Hydraulic power unit

Excavator mulcher CAT 324D with DAH-150Er + EWF-170 Hydraulic Power Pack

Mulching machine for land clearing, forest fire prevention, roadside maintenance or power, oil or gas line right-of-way preparation or maintenance.

  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-1
  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-2
  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-3
  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-4
  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-5
  • excavator-mulcher-power-unit-dah-150er-cat-324d-6

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